One-Month Challenge

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Before I begin

I'll get into the challenges in just a minute, but first I have to relay this email from Mike Panitz, fiance to the lucky Deb Alterman and all-around decent guy:

"You should increase your tolerance for alcohol by 10%. This will be measured by a 'pretest' (at the beginning of the month), and a 'posttest' (at the other end). In both cases, you must do one (1) activity using physical coordination (e.g., play Jenga), one (1) activity that uses mental acuity (e.g., integrate something), and one (1) activity that has you doing both (e.g., recite the National Anthem while demonstrating swing dance moves). We'll measure you three times in each case, and from that, calculate the Mean Time Till Screw Up. Between the beginning and end of the month, you need to be able to increase the amount of alcohol you consume prior to this test by 10%, with no appreciable increase of MTTSU."

Let me say that I would love to take this one on (go ahead, twist my arm), but sad to say it is definitely a feat I have accomplished already, although with not-so-much scientific precision. In fact, I'm willing to bet that my MTTSU increased by 10% EVERY month from 1996-2000 (insert witty but inappropriate-for-publication reinterpretation of given acronym).

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