One-Month Challenge

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The End

I've been meaning to give you all an update for some time now.  First things first:

  1. All my blogging ops are now moved over to the new (blogified) -- catch me there, especially if you have in interest in the art and business of writing, and in the occasional tech goodie.

Okay, then.  Now, the backlog: as of Feb 28 2008, I had five challenges completed, and a sixth in the making:

'being able to bicycle X miles'? [Mike Panitz] / [Compete] in the RSVP...Although it's only a weekend and you'll have to train for several months, probably. [Katherine Boyd]

I am continuing to work on this one; we (Mike, Katherine, and I) can breeze through a half-century (50 miles) in a few hours, but in the next few months we'll work up to two full centuries in two days.  This has been tremendous fun so far, despite the occasional injuries, and I'm looking forward to crossing that finish line in August.

So, I'll sign off here with 6 of 12 completed...well, just change your bookmarks to read "Two-Month Challenge" :-)

And I hope to see you all at !